Currently a Senior Designer at Refokus. Working in the technology and startup industry. Designing brands & digital experiences aiming to help businesses succeed by creating individual and powerful stories. Core skill set lies within Digital Design, Motion & Branding.
Selected Projects

01. UCO Network
︎︎︎ Brand, Motion, Digital.
02. Fantera
︎︎︎ Brand, Motion, Digital.
03. Ally
︎︎︎ Brand, Strategy, Packaging
04. Subvisual
︎︎︎ Brand, Digital, Motion.

︎︎︎ Senior Designer
︎︎︎ Creative Designer
︎︎︎ Creative Director
︎︎︎ Designer

As students, we are working in a critical moment in time. The world we are immersed in is one that is plagued with political, environmental and societal issues. As creatives we may not have the ability to save the world but, utilising our craft as our voice, we do have the ability to respond to a multitude of issues that anger, motivate and inspire us. Through a certain level of ambiguity in our work, we can spark conversations, form opinions and inspire action.

The annual graduate show is the highlight of the academic year and the new website represents the culmination of many years of full-time study and gives the students an opportunity to showcase the results of their imagination, hard work and creative skills. The website features work from all of the programmes and highlights the exciting and innovative range of work produced by our graduates across Fine Art, Product, Interior, Furniture, Visual Merchandising, Visual Communication Design and Photography. Each student has a dedicated page which allows them to show 5 examples of their work and provides a direct link to their own website.